How to Attract Your Soulmate

90-day Masterclass

Are you single or in an unfulfilling relationship?

Have you quit the notion that you’ll ever find true love?

Do you tend to date the same kind of person, hoping “this will be it!” but only to feel disappointed, again and again? 

Do you think that being in love is only for characters in books and movies?

Then you’ve come to the right place! 

In this course, you WILL learn how to be in a fulfilling relationship, How to find true love, WHY you date the same kind of person and BELIEVE in love like a fairytale!


- if you were in a relationship with your Soulmate and deeply fulfilled.

- if you experienced a deep belief in soul-love because you finally understood true intimacy.

- if you were able to clearly identify relationship patterns that you’ve been in and were able to re-write the script creating your ultimate fantasy.

- if you were in such an amazing relationship you were an inspiration to your friends and family.

- if you were with your soulmate for many years, and your love and passion only became stronger, discovering new and amazing levels of love and intimacy.

You’re just a few steps away from your soulmate

Discover the secret recipe to attract your Soulmate. Identify your custom love language and a deeper understanding of why you are wired in the ways that you are. Discover what the Law of Attraction is, and how you can use it to attract your most ideal mate. Realize that God and The Universe have a magical plan in store, just for you! Learn about the roles that you have played in your past relationships, and how this awareness can bring you closer to your truest love. Learn several new habits, and a new way of thinking, to prepare yourself for your Soulmate. Finally, anchor these personal insights with a feeling of receiving your Soulmate, through guided visualizations.

Learn how your custom love language can be brought into your dating experience to enhance your communication and connection with others!

Welcome to How to Attract Your Soulmate 90-day Masterclass! 

Discover the mindset you need to find your truest love!

I was once like you, in an unfulfilling relationship. I tried for 17 years to use all of my communication skills, compassion, and patience to make our marriage grow and evolve. Though it grew for periods of time, we always ended up in the same ungratified, stuck place. After divorcing, I accidentally found my Soulmate at a thought-leader conference. We were from different countries and it seemed impossible, but somehow we ended up married. I’ve never known such gratifying love! Over the past 28 years, I’ve coached 1,000’s of women and men in communication, confidence, and healing. We unveil patterns, relationship dynamics, and self-repair on a soul level. I’m so excited to share these insights and truths with you in this 90-day Masterclass!

Course curriculum

Click on each module to see lessons

    1. Welcome

    2. How to take this training

    3. Who is this training for?

    4. My personal story

    5. Questionnaire

    6. What is a Soulmate vs a Twin Flame?

    7. What is your current Soulmate list?

    8. Receiving Your Soulmate Meditation

    9. This module’s biggest takeaways

    1. Love languages

    2. Removing toxic behaviors and changing bad life patterns

    3. Bad habits and how to change them

    4. This module’s biggest takeaways

    1. Module introduction

    2. How to cut the cords with your “ex’s” and finally commit

    3. Cord cutting

    4. Examples of cord connections

    5. Hazards of remaining connected

    6. Benefits of cord cutting

    7. Cutting the cords meditation

    8. Cutting the cords meditation discussion

    9. This module’s biggest takeaways

    1. What is Reiki?

    2. Standard hand positions for treating yourself

    3. What is a synchronicity?

    4. What is an empath?

    5. Bubbling up

    6. Monumental energy protection meditation

    7. This module’s biggest takeaways

    1. Forgiveness and release

    2. Your personal rules

    3. Burn ceremony

    4. Your personal rules and forgiveness

    5. This module’s biggest takeaways

    1. Physical effects of not forgiving

    2. Ways to shift your anger

    3. Finding the forgiving perspective

    4. Ho'oponopono

    5. Forgiveness and release meditation

    6. This module’s biggest takeaways

About this course

  • $999.00

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is single and seeking to find their Soulmate or Twin Flame

Anyone who is unhappy in a current relationship

Anyone who struggles with relationships in general

Anyone who feels alone or has given up hope in finding a Soulmate

Anyone who is open to relationship coaching

Anyone who is willing to break bad habits and change for the better

Anyone who loves to love others

Anyone who is open to a guided meditation about self-love and loving a Soulmate

Anyone who is curious about self-improvement
Anyone who seeks to communicate better with others

Individuals who are eager to change and improve their lifestyle physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

Anyone who has taken previous online courses, classes,  or Life Coaching about relationships, communication, and/or identifying toxic behaviors

Anyone who has been or is in counseling for relationship challenges

Couples seeking validation and/or tools to optimize their relationships

Anyone open to learning about Reiki

Anyone who is open to learning about the Law of Attraction

All religious and spiritual beliefs can be applied and combined with this training

Anyone with an open mind is more than welcome to join this course

All genders and sexualities may be applied to this online training

What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking your course?

None. All are welcome!

What others say...

  • Joanne Reynolds, Australia

    “I enjoyed writing out the values, characteristics, talents, and other qualities that my Soulmate will have. I can see how we will be together and what we will do. This exercise made the connection for me that this is the beginning of actually meeting him! Doing this course helped me really feel dedicated to meeting my perfect match. I truly believe that he will be with me soon. Thank you, Lisa!”

  • Terry Spedinski, USA

    “I love how this was structured! So many angles to consider, beautifully sewn together. I never considered the “lense” I wore from childhood that had put me in a lifelong pattern of needing to earn love. So glad to FINALLY be free of this yuck! Thank you, thank you!”

  • Melinda Morgan, Canada

    “I wasn’t expecting this program to change my life, but I find myself telling everyone about it! I can’t help myself. I’m a new me! Thank you! Everyone has asked me what changed? I tell them, “I woke up!” Talk about clarity on myself and my dating material. WOW!”

How does "How to Attract Your Soulmate" 90-day Masterclass work?

Each week you will receive access to training modules. These include multiple videos, mediations, and how-to creative projects.

I will be available for 90 days to you as a resource if you get stuck or would like some inspiration via email.

The Basic program also includes two, 60-minute private coaching sessions with me to gain greater clarity and validation on your current situation. That said, It’s ALL in there. So you won’t need me, but I’ll still be here for you.

Why act now? How much MORE evidence do you need to collect that your love life isn’t working for you? How much longer do you need to suffer and endure? There isn’t a medal for surviving crappy relationships or being alone at the end of life. EVERYONE deserves Soulmate level love-that includes YOU!

By committing to this training, you are announcing to yourself and God and the Universe that you are READY for Love- NOW!  Don’t wait. You are WORTH this loving step. You deserve it!

Miracle connections can and do happen!
Let me show you how

All you need to do is visit:

And schedule a 30-minute Soulmate Strategy Session with me.
I can’t wait to meet you!

Love is on it’s way for you, today!

This course explores

Miracle connections, Soulmates, Twin Flames

What is your custom love language is

What childhood patterns you are reliving in your intimate relationships

What toxic childhood patterns you may have dated in the past

What toxic habits you may have that are sabotaging your relationships now

What roles you play in your partnerships

What the benefits of your roles may have been; healthy or not

What Reiki and Energy Hygiene are

How to cut the energy cords with your ex-partners

What a Synchronicity is

What an Empath is

How to protect your energy from others

Multiple guided meditations to reset your mind, body, and spirit

How to implement a guided meditation to better receive your Soulmate

Love languages

Negative blockers with intimacy

What some fears in finding your Soulmate may be

How to receive your soulmate, with open arms

How to forgive others

What the Law of Attraction is, and how to use it to attract your soulmate

What is Frequency

How to increase your vibration

How to transform negative energy into positive energy

Dream boards


Preparing your mental, physical and spiritual space for your Soulmate

Dating guidelines to expedite finding your Soulmate

The importance of sticking with your values when dating

Creating a dating profile

Basic Program Includes:  

Multiple training modules
FIVE, 60-minute private coaching sessions with Lisa Mohr
90 days of 1:1 unlimited support from Lisa Mohr (via email)
Ongoing unlimited support through our group chat  

VIP Program Includes:

Multiple training modules
TEN, 60-minute private coaching sessions with Lisa Mohr

90 days of 1:1 unlimited support from Lisa Mohr (via email)
Ongoing unlimited support through our group chat  

Basic Program Only $999

VIP Program $1,499

 This is by far my favorite creation yet!
If you want to join in on the magic hit the button below and enroll now.    

True Love is on its way for you NOW!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Lisa. Thank you for taking a few moments to get to know me. I am a Life Coach, Author, and Online Trainer specializing in relationship patterns, stress management, Reiki, and intuitive development.

My detailed resume includes 6 published books, a licensed massage therapist for 28 years (now retired), a Reiki Master, and creator of the Mohr Method of Healing (a 14 book Reiki training series including Reiki, Law of Attraction, and Energy Protection), an Astrologer, a Spiritual Advisor, a Life Coach for relationships, stress management, and Intuitive Development. I’ve been self-employed since I was 19 years old. I co-owned a mental health facility for 2 years and helped to develop a holistic intensive outpatient program for substance abuse during that time. My deepest gifts and passions are helping others to have life-changing insights about themselves, their lives, and their dreams.

I’m big on validating and clarifying what you already know.

Who am I personally?
I am authentic, sincere, and grateful for my amazing students and clients. I am very happily married to my twin flame and the mother of 2 teenage boys. I love cooking, hiking, nature, and snowboarding (though I just started and am not very confident yet). I value all life, even bugs (I take inside spiders outside). I love good organic vegetables and being creative with gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan meals.

What am I learning right now?
Snowboarding and Norwegian. I am not sure which is more difficult? With 8 vowels and not being able to roll my “r’s,” it’s a huge challenge. But I’m doing it!  Snowboarding is hard because falling hurts, and humility is hard at any age (I’m 47). I never tried anything but snow tubing until recently, so this feels ambitious for me. That said, this year I graduated to the “blue” hill. Hopefully, I’ll be able to try the black hill next season.  I believe that being a student makes me a better teacher/coach to my students because it reminds me of what it feels like to be clueless, embarrassed, and vulnerable. It also teaches me how to ask for help. I believe that we are only “old” once we stop learning and growing.  This kind of thinking inspires me to try new things (even if they are scary!)

What are some of my goals?

To consciously create as many pleasurable and memorable moments as possible, for myself and others. To lead others toward life-changing insights that transform their lives for the better. I find it to be highly gratifying to work as a Life Coach and Online Trainer. I feel grateful and blessed to be in a career that I truly adore.

I also wish to live to be 130 years old while maintaining my fitness, mental clarity, and spiritual fulfillment.

What can you expect if you work with me?
Life-changing insights with your own personal cheerleader. You will learn about your own habits, patterns, and communication skills. You will begin to see yourself as I do – the perfect soul that you are. I only work with a few clients per day so I will absolutely give you everything I’ve got. Every session, I take active notes and then email them to you. I believe this is how it should be – you get everything. This way, you can reflect on our sessions afterward. Many have additional “a-ha moments” after reading about our sessions. I truly love that!

Because I am extremely intuitive and have the innate ability to “read between the lines,” I am able to often provide the source of many of your life challenges – the real source of all of them.  This provides immediate insights as to why you may have conflicts, feel depressed, or struggle in your life. This expedites the transformation of your situation. Imagine peace and relief! Imagine success! Some of these transformations may be helping you to set boundaries with a toxic person, resolving personal guilt, allowing love and intimacy into your life, helping you stick with a mindful habit that you are trying to create, making a list of what you are looking for in a soulmate, or validating your intuitive abilities. I use my coaching, books, meditations, and online trainings to help you manifest your goals.

What might you be able to achieve with me as your teacher? You will learn how to only experience positive feelings and thoughts, all day long. It IS possible because I have seen it over and over again with my students and clients. Today I am dedicated to sharing my awareness and insights with those seeking a fresh and optimized perspective while attracting their soulmate.

My ultimate goal is to help you become the best version of yourself while attracting the person who is the best version of themselves. This will be your soulmate!

Thank you for reading about me. I can’t wait to meet you!

Commonly asked questions

  • How will coaching materials and sessions be delivered?

    Your materials will be available weekly via our course platform. Our coaching sessions will take place in the comfort of your space via Zoom. 

  • How long is the program?

    Approximately 9-12 weeks. The modules are packed full of content and insights. On a mental and emotional level, it’s best not to rush this process. For this reason, it is a 90-Day program. Some of the activities take time, and you may find yourself putting weeks into them. This is your choice as you may find that the more you learn, the more you want to build upon your personal development projects.

  • What platform is the group located on? Will I need to download an app?

    I use Slack. Yes, you will need to download the app and join my channel. You will be added as soon as you register.

  • How quickly can I expect results?

    Transformation takes time. Your results will be directly related to the level of commitment you put into watching the videos and completing the exercises. I’ve seen results within 2 hours and others within a couple of years. It all depends on you, your vibration, God, and the Universe. Every love story is one of a kind. Perhaps that is why they are always everyone’s favorite kind of story to hear about?

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    No. Here's why:  Your decision to embark on this journey is a commitment to both yourself and to me to ensure that you experience a radical transformation in your life. For the Basic Program, you will receive 2 hours of live 1:1 coaching sessions, and for the VIP Program, you will receive 7 hours of live 1:1 coaching sessions. These sessions are 100% tailored to your needs. Once you are in the program, your only and best option is to fully commit your time and energy to a transformation that will change all of the relationships in your life for the better. Due to the nature of the program, there will be no refunds.

  • How much should I expect to invest in one-on-one coaching?

    My hourly rates are $150.00. Multiple packages are available here:

More testimonials

  • Bonnie H, England

    “I really enjoyed this course. It helped me to realize my love language, identify my toxic patterns and learn from them. Lisa has such a calming energy and it helped to bring me into focus and relaxation. I especially loved the soulmate meditation. I'm not going to lie, I cried and it felt great. Anyone that is serious about finding that true twin flame connection should take this course. You will learn so much about yourself and that's the first step.”

  • Sarina R, India

    “Thank you!!! Goosebumps!! All of it was so true… I love learning from Lisa - always thoughtful, caring, inspiring and beautiful messages that are life changing. Lisa gave such amazing insight and hope. She is so honest and I love that she is so open to share.”

  • Timothy O, Denmark

    “This course is not only for those looking for their "soulmate". There is a lot of interesting information. It also helps explain why you have the friends you do and how you attract a certain type of person into your life. If you are looking for guidance on attracting the right people into your life, this course is great!”

Love is on it’s way for you, today!